home1-slider-1 PONGOSHARE is a SaaS platform under Pongoshare(Beijing) technology co.,Ltd. It not only provides commercial monetization
opportunities for global registered influencers, but also provides brand-new digital marketing services to help
partners quickly build international reputation and expand the global market.
A SaaS platform serve for global

Revolution in digital marketing

The original idea of PONGOSHARE was to help global high-quality content creators to cooperate with Brand businesses, exploring more business monetization opportunities. Now, more than 300,000 global influencers have registered on PONGOSHARE, coming from Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea. Influencers create different kinds of content, publishing them through the mainstream social media ( Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), bringing a brand-new digital marketing mode for Brand businesses.


Localization Management

PONGOSHARE has been recognized by 300,000+ global influencers, providing Brand businesses with a steady stream of international content marketing resources. PONGOSHARE has also established overseas teams in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea, and other regions to improve communication efficiency and eliminate cultural conflicts.

Intelligent Recommendation

PONGOSHARE has a self-developed intelligent matching algorithm, which can conduct comprehensive analysis according to the historical information of influencers, fans’ portraits, and other data, and recommend preferentially corresponding categories and products to influencers, so as to improve the monetization opportunities of influencers.

PONGOSHARE will also track the historical recommendation order data of Internet influencers, continuously optimize the recommendation mechanism and strengthen the incentive policy.

Extraordinary Product Selected Capability

PONGOSHARE has set up a specialist team for supply chain management, which can identify the superiority of products from multiple dimensions such as technology, craftsmanship, quality, etc. We focus on affordable, high-quality products for influencers, helping them to establish a deeper trust relationship with the followers with minimizing risks.

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