How To Convert Links Pongoshare

According to the research, 81% of brands and 84% of bloggers rely on affiliate programs. In this post, you’ll learn about the basics of affiliate marketing and the possible revenue it might offer you. Moreover, we’ll clear up how to get affiliate links on your blog and make the most advantage of them.

Whats affiliate marketing

An affiliate program (AM) is a system that connects a manufacturer or salesperson and their customers via affiliates (partners). AM is the way to earn money while promoting goods or services to the customers through an affiliate link. For example, a blogger inserts affiliate links into the content on the website, and by clicking on them, people get redirected to the brand website where they can proceed to shopping. Any purchase will bring a certain commission to the blogger, and with a large number of valid purchase, it might become amply rewarded.

What is an affiliate link

Now, let’s dive deeper into the definition. An affiliate link is a regular URL and the connection between two resources. The final goal is to direct the traffic to the affiliate website and generate income for the marketer. In addition, an affiliate link can be presented as a URL, but also as a banner, a widget or a search form. These links track sales and offer numerous opportunities of promotion for the products advertised.

How to identify an affiliate transaction? A partner gets a unique personal ID implemented into the link to inform the retailer of the purchase.

How it works

You may wonder how do affiliate links work? In an affiliate program, the businessman pays for the inflow of customers that were directed to the website through the link on your blog. In the majority of cases, a commission is rewarded for a click, and others – only for an actual purchase. As you can see, affiliate marketing offers can benefit for both a merchant and a blogger (affiliate).

All the blogger should do is put the link on their website, then e-commerce, service or shipments are not their concern. However, a substantial revenue will be generated only in case of a good traffic and well-targeted audience. So, as easy as affiliate marketing may seem at first glance, it is still resource-intensive. And then, the income will also rely on your merchant’s affiliate commission policy.

For example, to earn on the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network, you should place the affiliate link on your website. The type of a link will largely depend on the topic of your website, whether you want to promote a specific hotel or a for flight search results page, for instance.

Moreover, you can use the link to attract new affiliates or place several links at once and then track their conversion by adding the extra marker to monitor sales for each traffic source separately.

There are diverse ways of generating income from affiliate links. You can get paid per lead or per click. Sometimes, the payment is generated per qualified lead when the visitor either subscribes or signs up for a free trial, for example. Alternatively, advertisers resort to the pay-per-click model because clicks alone do not ensure sales, and there is no need to pay for them. It is typically the case of ad networks.

Where do you sign up to be an affiliate

How can you get affiliate links? First, you need to choose a highly-specialized market, and to find one, you can take advantages of dozens of services on the Web. For example, Quantcast has a list of the top 100 sites, so that you can find a trendy resource equivalent to your blog post.

After choosing the niche, you’ll need to pick up an affiliate program. To get an affiliate link from the profitable program, you can resort to numerous affiliate platforms as Pongoshare, for instance. There, you have a good opportunity to check the niche industry and get a list of products you could promote. What’s more, there is limited time bonus: PongoShare Influencers will receive a bonus for each click on the promoted links before June.1st ($0.02-$0.05 per click).

Then, it is crucial to check the cost per click of your keywords to reveal the competition. For this purpose, you can use Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner. Also, you can sometimes see the level of credibility of a particular affiliate program.

How to convert links Pongoshare

Pongoshare is not somewhat exclusive so you could apply and get accepted into the program automatically.

Here are two ways to convert links using Pongoshare tools.

The traditional way to create Pongoshare links is by clicking button “Link Transfer”. After you login the Pongoshare, you will find the homepage is the most user-friendly experience, there is a [Tool] in the menu bar. Click on [Tool], you could see three options, then click [Link Transfer]. Then, you can paste URL which sells things you prefer to recommend to your followes and do not contain text besides link. Keep in mind, one URL per time and without any other text.

Otherwise, you could download the plugin of Pongo link picker. Pongo link picker allows influencers to easily create affiliate links directly on the supported pages. When you login with your Pongo account, the tool will check if the link is supported. It will light up for a supported page and you will be able to obtain the tracking link, or remain gray for a not supported page. For a supported one, there will show a toolbar at the top of the page. You can get the basic product information and copy promotional link directly from the toolbar. Supported Pages Include:

1. All Amazon US & Aliexpress products which with valid commission

2. Brand-site products on Pongoshare

I hope this article will do really help you realize affiliate marketing and how to use Pongoshare for converting personal links. If you still have any questions, send me e-mails and I’d like to answer!

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