How To Get Into Pongoshare As A Designer

Last year, we had the honor of hosting a webinar in partnership with Ivy, an invaluable software resource for designers looking for administrative support. We covered how to use Pongoshare as a designer, allowing designers to monetize their portfolios.

It was such a fun opportunity to connect with so many designers from all over the world during the presentation. Since hosting our live webinar, we’ve received over 100 emails with more questions, sweet ideas and inquiries to work together. To answer a large number of those questions, we’re sharing all our best tips for using Pongoshare as a designer.

It’s simple, if you aren’t familiar with earning income via affiliate links. When you link products on your website, a custom link is created that takes followers from your site to the product page. When customers use that link to make purchases, you get a commission of approximately 5-15% depending on the company, or based on the percentage of the transaction price like Pongoshare. You can use affiliate links on your blog, on your portfolio, via email or direct message or even on Pinterest. It’s also a great way to establish yourself as a resource for followers looking for style inspiration and product guides. Since you can only link products, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase “Get the Look” options for your non-client followers.

Incorporating affiliate links can totally feel frightening, but it’s exactly super easy when built on the right platforms! I will delve into the specifics of incorporating Pongoshare links into design portfolios to generate passive income and better serve your followers. And if you want to simplify things even more, I’ll tell you how to incorporate your Pongoshare account with Ivy as well as with your blog.

What is Pongoshare?

Pongoshare is “an affiliate network for bloggers in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries” per their official description. The original idea of PongoShare is to simultaneously help both brands and lifestyle influencers monetize the digital space. Now, Pongashare is like the middle-man between bloggers and retailers. The platform has built the relationships with the retailers and wish bloggers and influencers take participate in their program to promote these brands. The program is web-based and allows bloggers to create “shoppable” links for their followers. Pongoshare also allows bloggers to earn commissions on products they recommend by programming affiliate links. Partnering with Pongoshare takes little effort on the front end, that’s really a good thing for you! Their inclusivity and high standards create a network of lifestyle brands that are hand-picked and reputable.

Once you’re in, you’ll start earning commission when your curated product links are used to make purchases. What you may not know is that Pongoshare will open special rewards for certain users (based on the invitation system of user performance) based on product exposure (i.e. promotion link clicks), as well as the platform’s daily activities and newbie orientation activities. Each of these will bring you a relatively large amount of income. Even better, if you fill in your personal social media accounts, you will have the opportunity to receive more competitive commissions and special invitations from Pongoshare merchants, so the opportunities for passive income are literally endless.

How to Apply to Pongoshare for Designers

So, what does it take, you ask? No more needs. There are no formal requirements, which means you don’t have to have 100k followers to be accepted. However, pro tip: you’d better have a working website, an output of quality, original content for at least three months. That means you may have amount of followes to support you. Product round-ups are a great way to produce original content if you’re just starting out. Their online website can be found at We encourage you to provide honest, accurate numbers and submit only your top publishing channels (i.e. Pinterest, blog, Instagram).

Pongoshare is our preferred affiliate program, because it has the widest range of partner brands (especially in the home + lifestyle industries) and earns the highest commissions. If for some reason it isn’t for you, there are alternatives you could check into. ShopStyle Collective, ShareASale, Amazon Associates, and Wayfair are a few.

Links are key, obviously, and Pongoshare offers a few methods for creating them.

You can save it to your Pongoshare shop window, and from there, they have a few layouts you can create. For instance, you can create a “beauty” or a grid of related products to be placed into a blog post or housed on your website. This will allow you to build your brand while giving your followers more options, and most importantly, you can earn a significant amount of money from the traffic promoted by your window page, and in Pongoshare, you can view the live page data of your window at any time.

Alternatively, you can can create a text link that you can send directly in an email or drop into a blog post as a hyperlink.

I also recommend Pongoshare for creating links efficiently. If you already know the link of the product, or there are other promoters who are promoting it, you can quickly turn their link into your own link, find [Tools]-[Transfer Link] in the Pongosahre navigation bar, you can use this function, enter the original Enter the original link you want to re-link, click the button, and you will get your own promotional link.

Earning Commissions with Portfolio Projects

The most obvious channel for earning through affiliate links is project images. If you aren’t already blogging project reveals, you’re missing a key opportunity to drive website traffic and link your sources. As your Instagram following starts to grow, you will begin getting constant comments asking for sources. The easiest (and smartest) reply is a link to your blog. You’ve answered their question and gotten a website view, and potentially made a commission if you’re using affiliate links.

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